Butter and Bison

Marta's Bakery

Marta Cistecky serves a pastry in her Waterford café

Finding authentic buttery European pastries in the Lake Region is not impossible. Upon the advise of the Standard Gastropub’s William Holmes a trip to Marta’s Bakery became mandatory. Who can say no to delicate flaky croissants, pain aux raisins, quiche Lorraine and a strong cup of coffee served in a cup and saucer? Czech born, Marta Cistecky turns out beautiful gourmet treats in her cheerful bakery and café in Waterford. Specialty items including wedding cakes, strudel, stollen and holiday pastries such as Czech Vánočka and bûche de Noël can be special ordered. It is the daily items, especially the raspberry croissants which make the drive up Route 35 worth the trip. Perhaps the summer of 2014 will include a Christmas in July celebration with Mr. and Mrs. Brit and the Vermonter just to taste Marta’s Christmas delicacies.

Pain Aux Raisin

Fresh Pain Aux Raisin

William Holmes

Breakfast with Gastropub’s William Holmes

After indulging in a meal of butter and little else, finding something relatively healthy to cook for dinner seemed like a good idea. Down the road from Marta’s is Beech Hill Farm and Ranch, home of grass fed bison. Ted and Doretta Colburn raise twenty-one free range bison on forty-seven verdant acres. Each bison produces over 300 pounds of meat and the Colburn’s butcher two annually. Beech Hill Farm meat can be found at the local farmers’ markets and directly from the Colburns. Bison contains less fat and is lower in calories and cholesterol than other red meat. Beech Hill Bison is all natural and contains no steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Beech Hill Bison Ranch

Beech Hill Bison Ranch

Bentley the Bernese at the Beech Hill Bison Ranch

Bentley the Bernese at the Beech Hill Bison Ranch

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