Makers and Dealers in Cedar Shavings: The Weary Club

The Weary Club of Norway, Maine

The Weary Club of Norway

“Makers and dealers in cedar shavings, social gossip, political wisdom and Yankee philosophy” defines the Weary Club of Norway. Established in the early 1920’s as a place for “tired old men to escape the wrath of their women-folks, swap lies and fishing stories”, the Weary Club’s Greek Revival building stands on Norway’s Main Street as a testament to yesteryear. The history of the club’s name is unknown, however it is known that the original membership was said to be available to only those men who were adept at carving a cedar shaving light enough to float.

The club is still active today and like other well established clubs, business is not conducted on the premises. Unlike other clubs, drinking is prohibited which would leave DRoy a little weary.

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