Labor Day Weekend Blowout

Standard Gastropub

Dreaming of the Standard Double

Mrs. Nantucket recently posted:

Dear Summer Vacation, 
If you find my liver and my waistline, please return them promptly.
Thank you. 
-Mrs. N

Today is the start of the Labor Day weekend, the end of summer, the start of the school year and the commencement of the autumnal diet and exercise ritual. Like the onset of the new year, the end of summer signifies a hop on the wagon, the push of the chair away from the table and the increase of fat burning exercise. Home cooking will triumph indulgent restaurant meals and an attempt will be made to cut down on Honig Sauvignon Blanc. Perhaps by November, the waist will be reduced along with the hind quarter and the body will be ready for holiday indulgences.

Standard Gastropub

Standard Gastropub’s Fries

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