Lusting for Cronuts and an Insulin Pump

The Cronet

The Cronut

The San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Maine have at least two things in common: fanatical foodies and active health conscious individuals. For the past six months, foodies living outside of New York City have read and drooled about the ultra fattening croissant fried and filled like a doughnut creation, the cronut. At New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the original cronut, people line up for the diabetic coma inducing delight. The limit of two per person has created a secondary market for cronuts on Craig’s List. The craze has led to imitations, recreations and reinventions. The savory cronut, the peanut-butter glazed cronut, the cronut filled with mascarpone cream and fig jam and the maple bacon jam ‘cronut’ burger (thank you Canada) are all variations on the croissant doughnut theme. What is next? Chicken and cronuts?

While Mill Valley, home to not one but two Whole Foods Markets, has succumbed to cronuts, Portland has yet to embrace this nutritional nightmare. Cronuts can be found at Beth’s Community Kitchen, 34 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, 415.383.3991. Closed Tuesday.

At five dollars, a cronut, these fat laden pastries are delectable treats. According to DRoy, Beth’s sugar glazed cronut has replaced his craving for Labadie’s French cream horns.

Mainers looking to cash in on cronuts can consult Edd Kimber, The Boy Who Bakes, and his fauxnut recipe.

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