Mrs. So and So’s Decor

Henry Evans, Artist

“Italian Parsley”
Henry Evans, 1918 – 1990

The purchase of a vacation home often means the acquisition of someone else’s belongings and their questionable taste. For many men, this is a blessing, and for most women this is a curse. Claiming one’s own style in a house that was inhabited by four generations of the So and So family brings about plenty of neighborhood gossip. Mainers are forthright and Mrs. Downeast might utter, “Dear, you know, when the So and Sos lived here, the family room was always painted puce… since 1955. Why would you change it?” Transforming the walls with paint and art can be an inexpensive method to distract from the eyesores left by a previous resident.

The bunkhouse and main house walls called for something and eBay was the “go to” for much of the artwork. Local Bridgton artist, Janet Deroiun, paintings of wildlife on “found” pieces of wood adorn some of the main house walls, but the majority of the art in both buildings is by California printmaker Henry Evans (1918 – 1990). San Francisco’s, Evans, is known for his brightly colored monochrome linoleum-block botanical prints. His simple prints evoke flowers, grasses herbs and other botany found in gardens and in the wild. The “less is more” style works with interiors both modern and traditional.

Evans’ works offered on eBay, are fairly priced but require detailed examination as most prints have been damaged by non-archival framing. It is often best to purchase unframed prints which sellers claim to have been forgotten in drawers. In addition to eBay, Henry Evans’ widow has offerings for sale at

Henry Evans Artist

Guest Room with Henry Evans Prints

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