Maine Dreamin’

Fire Pit

The warmth of the fire pit

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray”. Despite the song’s statement, California is not always the place to be on a winter’s day. San Francisco’s sky more often than not is a ceiling of grey bone chilling fog. The February doldrums have set in, and the warmth of summer is months down the road. Summers in Maine are filled with warmth and evenings when the bug population is at a lull are often enjoyed around an outdoor fire pit.

Maine Evenings Outside

Enjoying the Fire Pit

The fire pit was a do-it-yourself mother son project last June. The results provided oodles of opportunities for marshmallow roasting and communal gathering off of the lake in a more open setting. Rather than building an above ground structure, a submerged pit was chosen for aesthetics. The cavity was dug and then filled with interlocking concrete blocks stacked to create the wall of the pit. The base of the cavity was filled with crushed stone, and an iron collar was fitted around the interior circle of the top of the wall of blocks. The exterior sides of the pit were back filled with dirt. Lastly, slate pavers were laid right to the edge of the pit and secured with fine gravel.

DIY Fire Pit

The Fire Pit

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