Bring me a Sazerac with Truffle Salted Popcorn

The popcorn served at Murray Circle’s Farley Bar is dusted with savory truffle salt. Decadent and addicting would be an accurate description for this cocktail hour hors d’œuvre. The discovery of Truffle & Salt at Williams-Sonoma led to dreams of dishes deliciously finished with this earthy salty black truffle condiment. Imagine tasty truffle popcorn served alongside grownup cocktails or truffle salt finishing off such mundane dishes as eggs, potatoes and meats?

The kitchen counter is definitely off limits to the two four legged beasts. Much care and prevention is taken to deter counter theft. Moxie, the leggy forepaw Labradoodle, is able to trap and devour almost anything within reach. She prefers high fat foods, specifically European butter and Prosciutto Crudo. The English Labrador, Casco, who is built like a swine and possessing the brains to match, appears to have the nose of a truffle hunting porco and the scaling skills of a Wolfhound. This canine garbage disposal, apparently has a much more discerning palate than his sibling.

The newly purchased sealed jar of Williams-Sonoma Truffle & Salt was placed well beyond the reach of both dogs on the kitchen island. Returning home from a long day at work and facing the prospect of creating the nightly meal was pleasantly interrupted by the odor of truffles. Had DRoy created something sophisticated for dinner using the new expensive condiment? Was this a dream? Upon entering the kitchen and seeing a brown dog bed covered with truffle granules told most of the story. The guilty party was exposed and convicted by his rancid breath.

Truffle & Salt

The Salvaged Truffle & Salt

Casco’s offenses for the week of February 16th
Swiped and devoured a large wedge of Pt. Reyes Blue cheese
Ripped open a bag of uncooked black lentils and ate them uncooked
Ate and then regurgitated whole pecans (shell and meat)


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