It’s Lacrosse Season, Finally!

Marin Lacrosse

Marin Catholic at Tampalpais

While the eastern United States remains under the spell of winter, Marin County is basking in 70 degree sunshine. Throughout the county, lacrosse is in full swing. High School lacrosse programs in California currently exceed 200. Competitive programs at the high school level are being added throughout NorCal annually. The sport’s rapid growth can be attributed to east coast transplants who have dedicated themselves to coaching California youth to become dominant players at the sport’s highest level. No one has had a greater impact on the growth of the sport in California than Matt Ogelsby.

Matt Ogelsby

Ogelsby adds a new chapter to his lacrosse career as Marin Catholic High School’s new head coach

Matt, a three time All American Duke graduate has built a lacrosse empire focusing on fun and fundamentals at the youth level. His camp, clinic and team business, All West Lacrosse, celebrates its tenth anniversary this summer. Matt and his brand of coaching have influenced the lives of every Northern Californian, who has worn a jersey at the collegiate level. From Cornell’s Corbolotti brothers to the Emerys of the University of Virginia, Matt has coached the finest Northern California players to matriculate to collegiate playing fields. 

As the youngest Roy heads to Virginia and Maryland for pre-season lacrosse Saturday with his Connecticut high school team, he will be well prepared thanks to Matt. What he won’t be prepared for is Monday’s forecasted snow storm. Oh, to be a California lacrosse player!

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