Earl to the Rescue

Earl to the Rescue

Earl of Maine Pest & Turf

Ants have invaded! The size of the ants in the bunkhouse was comparable only to those found in the movie Empire of the Ants. In a short period of time, an army of carpenter ants had managed to chew holes in the year-old structure and create large piles of sawdust. The Vermonter sensing the destructive nature of the ants quickly called Earl Portee of Maine Pest & Turf. Sunday service calls in Maine are highly unusual, but Earl just happened to be in the area as he was cutting the grass at Bridgton Dental Hygiene Care. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” is not a normal response to a distress call but Earl appeared as promised. Within a couple of hours and an annual fee equivalent to one monthly Clark Pest Control service call, the situation was remedied.

Mainers seem to fall into two categories. Those who approach a job like Earl and those who have adopted a “mañana, maybe I’ll get to it this summer” attitude. Hiring a painter to stain the deck and paint the front door area was a simple cash paying gig. DRoy doesn’t like to “tinker, repair or maintain” so a painter was hired. How difficult could this job be? The mercy hiring of Darryl (of Larry, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl) was a mistake. From the start, communication was an issue. “Don’t have a phone.” If a direct call was not possible then, texting was definitely out of the question. Suspecting that email was a stretch, a verbal agreement was made with Darryl and that the work was to be completed by August 14th. The communication workaround would be that messages for Darryl could be left at the Minuteman Café.

Ample quantities of paint and supplies were purchased and off the Roys went to California for one month.

Upon Returning to Maine, imagine the shock (or not) of finding the deck only one-third painted, two dried-out and destroyed paint brushes and little if any paint remaining? What happened to all of the paint? Why were the brushes left to dry out and why was the project abandoned? Why can’t all people be like Earl? Fortunately, the crack-pot painting duo of Don’t Look too Closely at our Work attacked the project with fervor and elbow grease. In the end, the only cost of labor to DRoy will be a trip to Saks.

Tucker Enjoying the Newly Stained Deck

Tucker Enjoying a Polar Seltzer on the Newly Stained Deck

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